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Your Mental


Dear Sponsor,

I am excited to announce the first annual Irene’s Entropy golf play day—a blending of
golf, mental health, and music—on July 13th, 2024. Irene’s Entropy creates the
opportunity for individuals to develop the skills for healthy management of their mental
landscape. In this event, I am presenting golf as a tool for changing mental landscapes.

I was born into a world where my future was predetermined, all thinking was done for me,
and mental health was not a priority. At 21 I became estranged from my family and
culture–starting my life over. I had no previous aspirations for education, but wanted to
prove I was capable of learning and changing. I went to school and became an engineer
working in aerospace, started Irene’s Entropy, and began releasing music and short films
to articulate my story and journey.

In the midst of all that, golf was a major part of what changed the way I viewed my life
and my trauma. This play day will focus on how golf can be used as a tool to apply
mental health practices in everyday life. Your contribution to the play day will be invested
in finding more ways to advocate for mental health through the lens of sports, music, and
science—three things I am extremely passionate about.

Irene’s Entropy has also partnered with Marshmallow’s Hope, a nonprofit organization
that sponsors youth mentorship programs, counseling for youth and adults, veteran and
first responder support, and group therapy for teens and survivors of suicide. Fifty
percent of the proceeds from the play day will go towards the programs of Marshmallow’s
Hope, while the other fifty percent will be used for other mental health causes through
Irene’s Entropy.

Irene’s Entropy is asking sponsors like you to consider the following four packages, or
contribute towards the raffle prizes, food, drink, and any other means to help at the play

Thank you for empowering others to manage their mental landscapes through the game
of golf.


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