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Irene's music tells the story of how she left a world behind, took on a new identity, and forged a new life.


Irene's Entropy exists to empower others on an individual and community level.

How can Irene help you?



Irene's diverse background in music, business, engineering, and aerospace make her an incredible choice for speaking at your event, conference, college, or high school. Her ability to capture an audience with story telling while sharing life lessons will leave your audience empowered with their own tools to learn, grow, and change.



Irene is available for solo acoustic shows, and full band shows are available with at least 2 - 3 months advance notice. Irene's music tells her life story in an emotionally gripping tale of loss, growth, and triumph. 



Irene's Entropy is a brand that helps others  create a unique identity, challenge perceptions, and inspires individuals to manage their mental landscapes in an ever changing environment. Irene will collaborate with your business and help you engage with your audience and highlight how your product aligns with these values.

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"...She not only carves her own path but also empowers others to transcend their trauma and triumph over adversity. With a deft blend of compelling lyrics and captivating melodies, Irene weaves a tapestry of storytelling that takes her audience on an introspective odyssey of self-discovery. Through her music, she imparts wisdom and guidance, inspiring others to embark on their own transformative journeys."
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"Irene blesses us with her new track “Identity”, a remarkable and uplifting masterpiece that resonates with the strength of the human spirit. "
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“...the songwriter is an inspiration and a rising artist to watch."

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