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Irene's Entropy

How the crumbling of an identity turned into a project empowering others to find their own.

Most of us know who we are, we just never slow down enough to listen to ourselves. At least, that's been my experience. After an identity crisis at the age of twenty-one, I left behind a religion, a culture, a family, and friends that were supposed to be my forever.  When it all came crashing down, I was standing in the rubble of my own cognition. Suddenly, simple decisions were crippling. I lived in the extremes of feeling nothing at all to screaming and crying and fighting with the demons that raged inside of me. 

Then I started writing music. Twenty-one years of suffocated self awareness finally breathed onto pages in a rhythm of self discovery. And with each song, I felt as though I unlocked another piece of myself. I'm a firm believer that it wasn't the music itself that changed me----putting pen to paper forced me to slow down and listen to the landscape of my mind. It's the listening that saved my life. 

I started Irene's Entropy with the idea that others could also benefit from slowing down and listening to internal dialogues that they had suppressed under the weight of their traumas. Self awareness is a luxury for those that aren't spending all their energy just trying to survive. I also wanted others to experience the beauty of creativity and art as a way of expressing themselves. So I contacted an artist and asked if they'd be interested in the project, I started filling instagram boxes with invites, and making excel spreadsheets organizing names and letters and art. 

Through all of my accomplishments, Irene's Entropy is something I hold close to my heart. Each letter is a reminder that we are better versions of ourselves when we are vulnerable. We are stronger with self awareness, because we place ourselves in a position to learn and change. The addictions of past habits and survival mechanisms are not our identity, and we can always start over. Again. Again. And again. 

Whatever brought you here, please know that my message is simple:

To learn is to change. 

May we always have the courage to step through doors of new perspective, and the bravery to face the lessons that wait on the other side.

- Irene


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